Today, we were able to plan our holidays or getaways to any part of the world encountering various promotions of a cheap flight to find ourselves in different virtual travel agencies. There are tantean prices of innumerable carriers on all corners of the world to enjoy a memorable vacation or getaways. However, to benefit from this instrument that gives us the network, should have a minimum of knowledge of the internet, since the fact of acquiring an exceptional rate goes hand in hand on numerous occasions with the power correctly use all search tools. The primary factor to consider is carefully read notices of tenders, in particular, the small print that appear in these. There are few people who dedicate a little time to read carefully the conditions of purchase or reservation of such class of cheap flight, and later found with surprises. Gain insight and clarity with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Characteristics of the trip should also know with accuracy (departure, arrival, possible times scales, offsets, etc.), and the most important: the final price, with rates and taxes included. With the increasing emergence of the comparators of flights in the network physical travel agencies have been battered especially, since it is much easier to reserve, compare or buy a ticket, and less time is needed to do so, they also have the same guarantees as traditional flights.

Moreover, the network provides us with the opportunity to choose very cheap tickets that emerge at the last minute, but it is advisable to always consult in forums for opinions on the web page on which we have decided to purchase the ticket and/or hotel. Although not all are virtues, the cheap flight has also several possible problems that can arise, which are legally considered by the system. Any customer affected by any irregularity has the right to claim and be economically compensated in the majority of cases, such as the following: the loss, breakage or delay in the arrival of the luggage, whose sole responsibility is the airline. So not they are empty seats on the plane the company can sell more tickets squares have the plane (overbooking), in such a case the airline must repay the price of the ticket, another ticket on the next plane or another flight on another date, paying all of the costs that this fact means for the customer. If it is impossible to fly, for reasons personal and unjustified, and taking into account the time in advance to alert, may lose only money for expenditure management or lose the total price for the cheap flight.

Another drawback that it may generate the purchase of tickets via the internet, is also that several companies announce offer unmatched they deceive users and many times are only a smokescreen, since they resemble not nowhere near to what they publish and end up being a scam for the user. In short, to purchase a cheap flight, the trick is especially found in being flexible in dates and search with tranquility and time. Fees amending continuously, even from one night to another, which makes indispensable to corroborate them constantly. Another feature to consider is to be flexible in choosing destinations, since there are more likely to find the offer that turns the trip into cheap. And first and foremost, let yourself be advised by destinations that you propose and travel at the best possible price.