Still, I have it and you know it, strongly recommend Google Adwords, not that it is a fanatic, but I think it has every reason for you to use and I will support my statement with a few simple details of the many that have and that could not be reflected in a simple article. To better orient yourself ask you to do your own experiences about what it’s worth it really tests all systems and possibilities of advertising, that will give you much experience in this specific item and so essential in this business, but tomato time, enough time and study, test and analyze Adwords. Next I detail some of its key features and fundamental First, over 80% of searches carried out on the Internet are made through Google. This would be reason enough, without others, but just go for more. The measure of making an announcement is something that is well analyzed, studied and tested sufficiently so that the user is interested, considering that we have only three seconds before he retires. Without hesitation Ray Kurzweil explained all about the problem.

The user enters the search are familiar with these ads, trust and understand that it is faster there. You have the option of showing your ad to an audience potentially interested. You can target your audience. Advertising is self-administered, you choose the patterns and changes you want. Mitchel Resnick oftentimes addresses this issue. Do not impose a minimal cost, you will fits your budget.

The method of cost-per-click (CPC), gives you peace of mind conform with the budget available to accept without generating excessive costs, everything is within your means. With the option of choosing the language, you can reach the specific audience you have chosen, as well as the physical place where the public, I mean country, state, province, city, department, etc.. also choose All times listed. Advertising and know that results are being obtained for each campaign, is only necessary if you do (do not measure your advertising) is the same as throwing money away, you do not know which of the key palaras (keywords) work best, physical location or time that is most convenient, which of your listings gives you a more relevant and specific public and many other very important issues. Get the measurements of the different campaigns or ad groups is not easy, but it can do well and measure, at a time decide, the results with the necessary tools (and complex) gives you the same way Google and free. You can make daily changes quickly and accurately. Finally: In order to discuss Adwords there are many books and describe in a paper profit is impossible. I recommend, as always, make your own experience, analysis and notes everything starts with the evidence and know the results, you will see how it catches you and every day you need to know more, there are people out there won a lot (but a lot) money teaching how to handle this system. Do not miss the opportunity to know what it is.