Saving energy for the environment and the climate high on doors prevent heat loss in commercial buildings and protect the environment of Albany this door systems’ parent company, Albany International Corp., paved the way of the door industry with the invention of the world’s first high-speed roller door in 1968. An engineer at Albany International paper machine interiors in Halmstad, Sweden, invented an original use for the locally produced fabrics: he designed a gate with a flexible hanging up and settle had to quickly close a door opening at the factory. A unique counterweight system ensures a uniform motion and a tight seal of the closed door. This fundamentally new idea resulted in a goal, that is more quickly opened and closed as all so far in the industry existing. Requests from other companies and visitors that gate in action saw the “RapidRoll ” soon led to a stand-alone business for the production of industrial doors at Albany International- Today, an entire industry has developed from this. Division of gate production, initially also known under the name of NOMAFA, grew over time through the acquisition of the German gate manufacturer Schieffer and the Canadian goal manufacturer M & I.

On the basis of the strengths of this company that produced since 2002 worldwide as Albany door systems operating companies at its locations in Lippstadt/Germany, Lawrenceville/United States, West Gosford/Australia and Panyu City China Gates for the world market. Due to the variety of worldwide sold Gates is Albany door systems known as global leading manufacturer of high-speed industrial gate systems. High speed doors are a sound investment. High speed doors characterized by its high speed, long service life and improved safety, save time and money. Schnelloffnende and-schliessende speeds enable a smooth material flow and thereby save more energy than other, conventional industrial doors faster opening of the gate. In addition, high speed doors are for usually larger, handle higher load changes and have advanced security features.

High speed doors are a higher quality alternative to conventional doors. The high speed doors from Albany door systems ( are designed to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions. Consisting of strong, durable curtain material and stable steel and/or aluminium components, the gates of Albany are built for long-lasting use. There are many Albany Tore in use, well more than a million strokes have completed, some even more than five million today. You will receive more information about: Albany door systems GmbH Carl Ebelshaeuser global communications manager at the Moonlight 25 59557 Lippstadt