Carlos Mora Vanegas generalities the dynamic behavior of the economic scenarios presents a very demanding competitiveness, dominated by the presence of products, services with quality seals, fulfilling all scheduled international quality standards. All this has done, that companies to efficiently operate in them, they require a management capable of cohesivamente integrate their resources, without neglecting what in the present represents have a team of well trained and identified with their roles, so as to ensure productivity. It is necessary to identify the way of how is this demonstrating organizational behavior in firms, cu to is its climate showing achievements, as well as all those barriers, impediments, obstacles that have had to be overcome to be more operational. Some managers are fully identified with the importance, the scope of having good human resources developed, trained, able to give way to the experience that put into practice their abilities and skills to succeed in productivity. Basic considerations and scope is not surprising therefore, that manifests that proactivity today organizations struggle to implement in your business process reengineering, strategic management and other philosophies. Successful implementation depends in large part on the learning curve and the resistance to change from the same. Still, somehow, used the traditional training courses for a few weeks that only would form part of a curriculum and not of the daily performance of the organization.

It is necessary that organizations recognize the need to use flexible tools that can be deployed rapidly and showing results in the shortest possible time. Anyone external to the company can easily detect points where this, is still inefficient. The problem is that the people working within it, realizes even the things that are going wrong, or if they notice it, make as if nothing had happened. Management must be aware that some of the aspects bad of a company, in terms of their development can be the following: almost nobody is thrilled by work-related things.