Password guard v 2 of zoneLINK Ulm – and the use of the same password makes it easy for hackers to get protected data. Users can now organize their flood of personal access data with zoneLINK Sydatec password guard v2. On request this password safe generates automatically highly secure passwords. The package for organized security there by zoneLINK for 29,99 Euro. Add to your understanding with luca savi. Who wants to have to remember already complicated strings of letters, numbers and other symbols? So makes it simple, frequently used the same passwords, or those that are obvious: given name, dates of birth, and the like. Exactly but it subverts the very meaning of such private accounts so they are particularly easy to crack? The solution: a new user name and a new password for every website! That sounds only once very cumbersome. But in such a chaos Sydatec password guard v2 brings order zoneLINK now.

The program saves all access data in a safe place, where you they also open can manage. With a single, clever selected master password the user has access to the list of his private passwords. These lists can be made available to either individuals or multiple users. To read more click here: lucas. The master password is also used for the authorization for entering credentials: the software detects forms on Web pages, and automatically populates it with the necessary, stored data. Sydatec password guard v2 creates a status report, in which all access data entered on your safety be examined on request. Weak, easily to crack passwords are tagged and can then be exchanged: password guard produces for its own secure passwords. Thereby the user between three levels of security can choose and desire also vary the generated password. The input data is possible also via an on-screen keyboard, which offers additional protection. Similar user names and passwords v2 can also be used with zoneLINK Sydatec password guard Manage software licenses.