iDTRONIC presents the new version of its Compact Flash RFID reader EzScan II for all common UHF frequencies. The new CF EzSCAN II reader idtronic supports the complete UHF 860-960 MHz bandwidth. It was developed and designed to modern Pocket PCs, PDA’s, handheld terminals and other mobile devices access to ISO 18000-6 part B + C (Gen1-Gen2) UHF smart labels, tags, and ISO to allow tag. The trend towards the compact mobile reader inspired also the manufacturer of ultra-light UHF reader idtronic CF. He fits easily anywhere housing, with a weight of only 30 grams, a size of 95mm x 60mm x 12 mm and a robust ABS! The CF can reader with all latest Pocket PCs and PDAs are used models that have a CF2 interface.

In addition, he supports the operating systems Windows CE, Windows Pocket PC and Windows Mobile 5 & 6 and a reading distance of more than 50 cm can be obtained depending on the transponder type and size. You guarantee an efficient and optimal power management 3.3 volt power supply and energy consumption of only 20 mA in stand-by mode and 250 mA operating mode. The modern UHF CF Reader has a multi-colored LED display for easy monitoring of the current status of the reader. The Compact Flash reader idtronic is available in a complete package including CD-ROM with extensive documentation and demo software now. The Software Development Kit version with more software and collections to the development in Windows is available as an option. The iDTRONIC UHF Compact Flash reader is suitable for: Logistics Transport Ticketing Identification Asset tracking of learn more about the new UHF CF Reader of iDTRONIC, as well as all other ISO cards, tags and RFID transponders, you get on the Internet.