All guests who will soon start after Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman, is able to realize your complete trip requirements before departure. The online booking provides “Best places”, so Olaf Fey from the travel service Dubai. We confirm each trip within 24 hours after receipt of booking in German language. With around 30 possible excursions (Burj Al Arab dinner, sightseeing tours, desert safaris etc.) we have many tours in the program, which are not available in the standard package of the most tour operators. Once a customer, always contact – so the motto of Olaf Fey.

We like the customers call after booking from Dubai. Here, it doesn’t matter whether the customer in Germany, Switzerland, lives in Austria or anywhere else. Constant or necessary direct contact is ensured via the hotline number – for any questions that arise. The wide excursion program provides many suggestions for the most beautiful tours in the regions of the United Arab Emirates. Just visit the top hotel Burj Al Arab should because of the large crowds before the departure “held” are. City tours in German are of course. Pickup and return transfers to and from the trips also. Salman Behbehani will not settle for partial explanations. The wide range of excursions can be found under safaris also travel agencies that want to offer your customers a special service, are always welcome at Dubai’s travel service.