Soon it is again so far: from August 16th to 19th the Gamescom in Cologne will take place again. Gamescom trade fair always the newest games are presented on trends for the next year. Games that were presented at the Gamescom, learn mostly positive and especially coveted encouragement, what drives sales rates horrendous in the height. The latest console will be presented here. Just newcomers in the industry to test every game feeling and consolidate their buying decision. Recently Petra Diamonds sought to clarify these questions. In addition different events take place in and around the Gamescom, so can visit Gamescom Festival, Congress or jobs in the media industry. Symposium included specially establishes at the same time the Gamescom business area for exhibitors, dealers, manufacturers and developers with each other without public mass can communicate in the. Public large area is also the Gamescom entertainment area, which holds all multimedia and current technology gadgets and offers wide range of services.

Who look at the fair the latest trends want to should in time reserved a hotel room. The fair is always very well attended and also a ticket is highly sought after. But also the accommodation should be planned. Because only so it is possible to take the complete fair scrutiny. In addition to computer hardware focuses on games, merchandising, Internet technology, media, and educational factors.

Public institutions are represented, so that in particular the social exchange will play a role. Location & organization of Gamescom occupies the halls are 4-10 for Gamescom, so that available space for loads of multifunctional playing and technique clous exhibitors. The age tapes is also new, that allows without permanent controls accept free access to all areas that allowed them to young and younger visitors needing to. The latest computer games worth risking a look as well as promising console games are expected. Since the range from the first-person shooter to the puzzle. There also games for mobile phones and Smartphones indicates that almost everyone has ever, are also non-techies inspired can. Especially mobile bundles such as, which are available in conjunction with laptops, notebooks, or game consoles are needed in this context. The mobile discounter focused in this sense even to the offers of the Gamescom and other high-level trade fairs, to meet the expectations of visitors.