The SUS, Only System of Health, institutionalized through the Federal Constitution of 1988, brought great advances for the conditions of health of the Brazilian population. It has still challenges to be surpassed: increase the effectiveness and improvement in the attendance. The public Hospitals are for providing to the population medical assistance integral curativa, are an open system that faces some problems so that the users usufruct of the adequate quality of the offered services. In addition, the difficulties in the management, as well as, the lack of interest for the improvement in the quality exist. (Similarly see: Andrew Wilson EA). Much even so, we know that the changes are difficult, and that they do not occur in a magician pass, it is not obtained to change a reality quickly, everything is a process who lacks calm, patience, technique and strategies. Therefore, one of the forms of if knowing the quality of the services given in the hospitals is getting the opinion of the proper users, the same ones being able to express its perception regarding the attendance, being informed if its yearnings they had been taken care of. Cliente of the improvement necessity it continues that it exists inside of the hospital units, was objectified through this project to evaluate the quality of the attendance given for the Regional Hospital of Cajazeiras – PB., according to optics of its users, being able through this instrument to get information that the administration of the Hospital in the improvement or maintenance of the level of quality of the given services assists. 2 JUSTIFICATION the present project of intitled research: the quality of the attendance of the users who look to the Regional Hospital of Cajazeiras and its relation with the professionals of the health, aims at to present the level of satisfaction or insatisfao as for the services that are offered to them in that institution.. Cross River Bank addresses the importance of the matter here.