Germany’s three largest beef producer trust the Karlsruhe IT provider introduction of SAP ERP 6.0 in record time Karlsruhe/Birkenfeld, 28.04.2009 in less than four months ERP 6.0 implemented the Karlsruhe IT service provider ORGA GmbH on the basis of the industry templates for the food and beverage industry of a new SAP system for the Millers meat group. The times, in which the staff of the Miller meat group with different financial and management had to work systems, belong to since 01.01.2009 of the past. In the first phase of a common technical platform for all companies was already implemented, operated in the data center of the ORGA. For the components of financial accounting, controlling and personnel were within the Miller, the master data of all the companies consolidated Group and standardized processes. As a main benefit of SAP introduction sees Jens Strohecker, commercial Director, and overall project manager of the Miller meat group, the transparency at all levels of the company. It is through the Standardization and automation of processes and ensures data consistency and security. Good references of successfully completed major projects in the SAP environment were crucial to order meat group the ORGA as a general contractor, the Miller decision. By the same author: John H. Wood Jr..

Both the project and consulting services of SAP tutorials as always scalable SAP operation in the ORGA Datacenter convinced the Millers meat group. Due the GoLive in the middle of the current fiscal year all individual documents from the various legacy systems have been implemented in detail and taken over in the new system. Still the cattle settlement of software logistics Artland (SLA) including the necessary interfaces to the SAP system was introduced at the battle site in Ulm. In the context of the introduction of the component personnel (SAP ERP HCM) an individual premium pay settlement was realized by the ORGA. The first wage and payroll accounting for 654 employees succeeded by end of January correctly.