Some time ago I set about trying to create an Internet resource that would allow the device to study a variety of mechanisms and physical phenomena directly in the browser. In principle, these resources are services such as YouTube or Metacafe, but they have two significant drawbacks. First, the video can not be considered povertet and from different directions, and secondly, there's no way affect the state of the display system. Every time watching this video I had to suppress his desire to pull something or just change your view on the more convenient. So dissatisfaction with the status quo, as well as the presence of my skills in programming and 3D graphics inspired me to work towards developing a testing ground of existing mechanisms. Because I wanted to give the opportunity to touch the models in three dimensions, and then I called the site Touch3D.

Of the free domain was chosen, which I bought later. Then the question arose how to implement my idea in practice, because the value of an idea without practical implementation is zero. Poborozdiv endless expanses of the Internet and After trying a bunch of technologies I chose Shockwave3D. Basically it is used to create browser-based 3D toys, where interactivity is needed and serious performance. Further, it was necessary to gather information about the schemes and principles of operation of various devices and engines to turn it all into the existing 3D model. Technically literate, I somehow did not work out, so please excuse if something wrong, or better yet contact me and advise how and what to fix. Now for those who read these lines right up to, hold a brief tour of the site with a description of what awaits you when you get there. Actually I lost a lot of visitors because of my inability to bring what you need to do on the site.