In grades where they start to study AA text is from 2nd or third basic forward and employ the method of memorization, east to read a text is the number of times as necessary, 10 or 20 times for the brain to memorize in a mechanical way, without thinking Without paying attention to what is being saved in memory and that’s when the problem arises learn to remember what has been studied, a Take the example of how to remember logical grammar using the method of images. Send him to a Estudiara read and repeat 20 times the text of language lessons for tomorrow EXAMPLES a practices instead Lesson for tomorrow it is studying grammatical sentence grammatical sentence is the set of words that makes sense and complete syntactic autonomy! As the brain remembers this text!, if what is before the student are words. The brain does not process words Let’s see how we processed images to be saved to the text, using the natural method of mental images a, a TEXT IS grammatical sentence is the set of words that makes sense and complete syntactic autonomiaa 1.-We must stress the most important words together, words, full respect, autonomy, syntactic 2.-We make a grammatical sentence title images. We think that we are praying with a grammar book under his arm. 3.-a We should turn to images of text underlined words a 4.-We should mimic the images 5.-We tell a story We have to record in a logical order a The first thing to keep in memory is the title, accompanied by images that are on the card. Prayer (A girl praying) and (a grammar book) and next to the text in words Grammar of the word after the title grammatical sentence is Set, we must emphasize the word together and encode the word together with an element that makes us IMAGES remember a rock band then you have to do mime, I’m playing guitar in MIA SET, that’s when we recorded in our memory the boot image is so set a with the following words to pictures as shown in the cartillaa a (the first image that I remember is a set of Rock), I am playing in a rock band with my guitar, then I get the parrot, the parrot, emits words encode the word with a parrot and then I play the nose, ear, eye, tongue senses are all joining v I, the set, the parrot, the senses, an AUTO with RBD MIA and a soccer field, where they are explaining the tactics of football my team Barcelona, which is no tactic that A does not win fu (comics) a Take the example by following the steps and remember UD Sentence Grammar is easy. A and Asia teachers and students have found a great way to learn grammar, using the method of mental images. Thus the cerebroa grammatical sentence recalls the Professor Luis Machado C to A if you write me mail, I can send the books with graphic examples of the system to 52 regular teachers Aa’OS AM BORN ON 27 JUNE 1956 I AM THE CREATOR OF A SOCCER GAME FORECAST ON PAGE ELECTRONIC dasarrollado I remember a technique for classes using elrecordador an easy way part of the process subject of study for children aged 8 to 12 years..