Surpassed certain worries already, with some water drink including, the handling goes of the heavy equipment, call thus in slight contrast to the previous one. It consists of bottle, regulator and vest. One of the most exciting moments of the course is the first air inhalations under the water. Seated or of knees in the less deep zone of the swimming pool or the beach, we will feel that wonderful sensation to breathe under the water, that tranquillity of not having to ascend to take a rescuing whiff. At this moment many doubts and fears dissipate: to the air it does not know to anything and nonparched the throat, is a totally normal breathing. After this magical moment one becomes to the hard discipline of the exercises like the control of the bouyancy with the hydrostatic vest, navigation yet the equipment, the forms to send to the water or the recovery and positioning of all the equipment under the water. Despite a truly vital exercise for the security of all diver exists in this phase of education, is the peace pipe.

By so the one is understood that two or more divers share air with a same regulator. In the case of a failure or before the exhaustion of the own air or the companion, it is necessary to know how to alternate themselves and to share air and regulator. It is a fundamental practice where, more than a concrete technique, it must mediate the calm and the tranquillity, basic in the world of the diving. And finally the tests already arrive from sea. In some beach or it pierces of little depth we will realise all the learned one previously: casting of glasses, ascents and reductions, signs and peace pipe.

With certain nerves, everything is coming out well, like the hundreds of times we have realised that it before and, almost without realizing, already we are divers. From one is here to enjoy marine means and to perfect our technique. At the outset we will consume much air, we will go patches to the ground and to perhaps it costs to lower us; but that already is only question of time, the important thing, is that we are already integral of the true blue planet. If it interests iniciarte to you in this world and you live in Spain, especially in the Canary Islands, these of luck since the islands present/display very good conditions practices for it of this sport. In addition never it comes bad to do something of tourism and to know the zone and for it the best thing is to reserve a rural house in Tenerife, for example, and to be useful that we will be able to enjoy so much the proximity of the sea like of the typical gastronomy.