Industry should more Karlsruhe/Heidelberg / Balingen rely on services, January 29, 2009 – in the current uncertain times it is difficult many companies to withdraw from the competition on core products. Services are therefore increasingly becoming a decisive competitive advantage. According to a report in the financial times Germany the former Sony Chairman Nobuyuki Idei deems advisable, it little if is focused on the Japanese industry to produce cars, and television itself. Rather, the manufacturer would have to mix their products with other services to stand out from the crowd. As an example, he spearheaded the Kindle from Amazon. The electronic reader draw the sales of books in.

A study of the Fraunhofer Institute for system and innovation research documented that service innovations particularly in the machinery above average often encountered. In this branch of industry is the ratio of the service innovators well above 40 percent. Here, it is clear that particularly complex products with new Flanked services customers must be so that these products also can place to utilise their potential fully. So to contribute, for example, remote procedures, so the remote maintenance of machines and equipment, a significant contribution to the success of the service. They provide faster response times and support the deployment and disposition of the right tools and spare parts for the technician. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of The Profit on most websites. Ideally, you can eliminate even the problem remotely. Thus saving on and runs of the service technician. Our customers benefit from shorter reaction times and achieve a higher machine availability.

Many staff operations can be avoided so, which reduces the cost to manufacturer page\”, confirms Bernhard Steinel, head of system services at Heidelberger Druck. Customer acceptance of remote maintenance modules, however, is a question of the confidence of the users to their suppliers. In recent years we succeeded, to introduce the remote service nationwide. As new technology the engine we have introduced eCall.