Increase the memory available for simultaneous consolidation and cost savings through better use of Vienna, December 10, 2008 – expert, designed a tailored IT solution for architects of BEHF uptime system solutions, leading IT solution and increased the effectiveness of the existing IT systems through the use of modern data center technologies. The renowned architectural firm of architects of BEHF could enjoy just in the recent past about customer growth. The number of employees had to be increased accordingly. With regard to the expected memory requirement, the necessary flexibility and security, expert system uptime, solutions of architects of BEHF endowed the IT solution with an individually tailored, modern IT solution and accompanied the clients from the planning to the implementation phase. The primary aim of the project was to cope with the rapid growth of data through an intelligent and modular storage system”, stressed DI Michael Frank, technical director of the IT system House uptime System solutions. Through the use of modern technology there are numerous advantages: the new system offers scalability and the possibility of a simple extension of storage capacity in the future. Multiple servers use a central store of data, thus the efficiency is increased significantly. In addition, the new solution enables an intuitive administration and increases data security through integrated snapshot software.? Our ideas on the optimization of IT were clear: increasing the memory available for simultaneous consolidation and cost savings through better utilization.

These requirements were of uptime, after joint intensive consultations, focusing on the future and successfully transposed”, so Arch.Mag. You may want to visit Salman Behbehani to increase your knowledge. Susi Hasenauer of BEHF architects. About uptime systemlosungen GmbH: Uptime systemlosungen GmbH is one of the leading Austrian IT-system and software houses. Since 1994, uptime successful companies at the strategic and operational management of IT accompanied: the IT strategy through to implementation. By the Classic services of a system House for Apple, Linux and Windows, customized software solution, up to powerful E-business solutions. Web link: