For many homeowners, the property management is a book with seven seals, shall be paid for the month, but only once a year for the owners’ meetings in appearance occurs after earlier if possible, even for back payments was demanded by the house money. That this view is at least one side, designed to show this article. Because the Condominium Act requires that) the joint property of the community of owners (WEG a house manager must be assumed, there is basically no choice. The TRAIL may only decide whether they want to appoint someone from their ranks, or an external administrator. For the decision of a simple majority is required, and after 5 years, the issue is back on the agenda of the owners’ meetings. The former house manager can be re-elected or replaced. The work will be determined by the administrator of the property management contract, are required for some content: * contractor * * duration of the contract and cancel themmodalities * Functions and powers of trustee liability and civil liability of the administrator * * * Admin fee of performance and jurisdiction are the responsibility of Property Management: * House Rules * * owners’ implementation of the decisions of the owners * * Complete maintenance of the communal property of Fire & Casualty * Create business plan and financial statements * The property management will be assisted by the Management Board and monitored, if the owners have chosen such a plan. The liability of the administrator for all of his own fault, but without prejudice to property and damage confidence remains of it. Before the owners elect a steward from his own ranks, they should consider whether such sufficient knowledge brings to the wide range of tasks, if he so dominated both the commercial, financial, legal and technical management in order to take care of the property and funds of theTo take care community. Of course, there are also appropriate training courses, which can be supplemented by training. Between 1981 and mid 2006 there was the formal training of the merchant in the property and housing, which is now offered in the form of reformed as a real estate salesman. These skilled tradesmen can take over the property management duties in addition, further sale and brokerage of real estate. If you are in a course of study for a Bachelor of construction and real estate management or international business administration, specializing real estate inscribes may acquire further-reaching knowledge. Those who after completing their education and perhaps a first glimpse into the practice or would like to continue learning, may seek the following additional qualifications: * Real Estate Assistant * specialist in estate and residential real estate * Economist (GdW) * Dipl housing and real estate industry * Master Construction and Real Estate * auditee Immobilienfachwirt There they, therefore, theRequirements and training opportunities. However, there is no control or access restrictions on the exercise of the profession, that is, each can act as a caretaker. Therefore, must examine all property owners themselves, who comes to them as a caretaker in question in order to experience any bad surprises later on. Here are some basic evidence to be presented by each property manager to get even closer to the election: * * Gewerbezentralregister police clearance certificate extract * * References * For a Property Management Company’s liability insurance company with several employees, belonging to an association and, moreover, a certified training company for real estate traders is, those criteria are already met. Not least because, in his role as a training company, the company is subject to strong regulatory control and ensures the quality standards in this profession. Keep up with the Software24 blog up to date to questions about property management andHomes.