Technology in and around the car has long been not only more on PS-figures, acceleration, limited technical gimmicks such as the latest navigation system or a radio with the latest equipment. Even in terms of car care to find scientific evidence increasingly used in order to keep car fans long enjoyment of her jewelry pieces. Straight from the Bionics Lab at the finish of so-called lotus effect, which is also used in the textile industry or in the need for facade painting is, however, is by no means limited to these areas. In Lackpflegemitteln or polishes the effect can ensure that repels dirt by simply spraying the paint and the sole allows the paint to look like a long time brand new. The principle has to be copied more or less of the lotus plant, whose leaves the dirt has no chance to stick. This form of partial lacquer is present but sometimes quite expensive, while the price for real car enthusiasts a reason, but is not an obstacle. Additional funding from the chemistry laboratory to make the paintresistant, resistant to unite and protect and care in a substrate. But the glass of the windscreen can benefit from these new findings, especially in the summer, when one or another insect, the “curve does not get” and lands on the windshield. With a glass seal, sufficient pressure on the button for the windshield washer, and the evil is removed without residue. Other agents provide greater stability and protection against Seinschlag it a try, and should inevitably come to cracking, so that’s no longer a problem. Several automotive service providers offer special “Risskuren ‘, which now barely left its mark and save the owner of any cost for a complete replacement of the windshield, the price is often several thousand euros (depending on model) achieved. Nanotechnology also finds further use in the sealing rim or just inside, where they care more resistant to stains and upholstery easier to make in nursing.