Muscle cramps, tension, pain – is to break this vicious circle of stress, not so easy. To help ease your long-term mental and physical tension, there are three simple breathing exercises. This you should do several times a day. Sit down but not under pressure and go left up to the breathing exercises. 1. Stretch your chest you’re standing, put your legs to about shoulder width apart, their arms hang down the sides. Now, breathe calmly and deeply. Raise your arms while arched high over his head. The palms touching at the end of the arc. When you exhale, let your arms fall back. Repeat this exercise three to five times, then you can connect Exercise two. 2. To redeem your diaphragm, the following exercise, you can while standing, sitting and lying do: Set in the middle of the abdomen relaxes your hands above the other. Then you breathe gently in and out. Keep track of the movements of your breath for one to two minutes. Then you breathe agentle “P” sound off. Now you increase the intensity of the “P” sound while exhaling gradually forget you but a few small breaks. Feel how to solve the tension in your diaphragm and abdominal breathing is deeper This breathing exercise will relax the muscles of the ribs, upper abdomen and diaphragm. 3. To relax your abdominal muscles you now Varying Exercise 2: Place your hands below the navel and breathe each other with a “sh” sound out. They should begin with a gentle long “sh” and then go to a few brief, vigorous “sh” sounds. With this breathing exercise to resolve tensions in the pelvic muscles inside.