EFE Obama managed 50,01% of the votes in this State, while Republican Mitt Romney accumulated 49,13%, with a difference of 73.858 votes. The data met the Saturday, four days after the elections. Rick Scott, Florida’s Governor, says that the fact that 4.8 million people voted in advance and distance added difficulty to the count. The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, acknowledged, after that at last we can say that Barack Obama won in this State, which must be improvements in the electoral process state, ordered a review of the system. Some 8.5 million of Floridians (71% of those registered) voted in these elections, more that in any other elections in the State’s history, explained the Republican in a statement, four days after that closed the polls in EE UU and the rest of the States offered their respective results. He added that 4.8 million Floridians voted in advance and distance, what also is a record in the history of Florid and a difficulty added at the time of the count, because these votes are more complex processing than the ballots deposited in the ballot box. We are pleased that so many voters have made their voices in this election, but, as we move forward, we need to see improvements in our electoral process, he added. Scott made this announcement after which the Secretary of State of Florida, Ken Detzner, announced that, although there are still not final vows, Barack Obama was the winner of the elections in this State. The democratic managed 50,01% of votes in Florida, while Republican Mitt Romney accumulated 49,13%, with a difference of 73.858 votes, according to the still provisional data, since remains to finish counting provisional votes of any County and is kept open the deadline to receive ballots from abroad and issued by the military. Requests a report to improve Florida’s Governor explained that he had asked Detzner to review how these elections have passed General and to make a report on the ways in which you can improve the system, after meeting with election supervisors in counties, especially with those of where reported long queues before polling places. We need to undertake improvements to the voters of Florida. We will carefully review the suggestions for improving the process of voting in our State, said Scott, who has been criticized these days to reduce the days they could vote in advance, among other initiatives that have hampered the process. According to the results offered so far and that Florida is valid, the margin of advantage for Obama on Romney is 0.88 percentage points, more than the half point, which avoids having to count the votes again and grants 29 electoral votes that brought this State. So, Obama got a national total of 332 votes of the Electoral College, opposite the 206 who managed his rival Republican. At least 270 are required for access to the White House, a figure that the President already had guaranteed regardless of the final result of Florida. See more: Florida recognizes that it needs to improve its electoral system