Portable air conditioning systems are an alternative becoming increasingly used to be not too large rooms, air conditioned homes for rent, holiday homes, specific days or dwellings where is not allowed to place elements on the facade. There are basically two types of portable air conditioning units, split and monoblock, being its main advantages that do not require installation, are easily transportable and require less investment than fixed systems. Features portable air conditioning systems are suited to summer houses, not very warm areas, heat waves or when the complexity of installing another type of air conditioning makes it impossible. Let’s look at the advantages of portable air conditioning systems: do not require installation: not a professional intervention is necessary. Mobile: they can be moved easily from one room to another.

Economic: they are cheaper than fixed air conditioning systems. Disadvantages of air conditioning portable we can mention: size: have a significant size, therefore occupy considerable space in the room. Noise: they generate enough noise produced by the engine that performs the cooling. Reduced power: the power of portable air conditioning appliances range is limited and less than the fixed, usually not outweigh the negative 2,500 kilocalories. High consumption: tend to be less efficient than fixed air conditioning appliances. Portable air conditioner types there are basically two types of portable air conditioning units: mobile Split: portable air conditioning systems split consist of two units: the compressor, which sits outside the House without fixing it, for example in the floor of the balcony, and the evaporator, which goes inside, while both components bonded by a tube.

Monoblock mobile: portable air conditioning appliances monobloc or monobloc, consist of a single component that is placed in the interior of the House, expelling the air hot outside through a pipe. Are more comfortable and economical than portable air conditioning systems mobile split, but they cool less and produce more noise, since the compressor is inside the House. Calculation of the necessary negative kilocalories the cooling capacity of the portable air conditioning units are measured in negative kilocalories. To calculate the negative kilocalories necessary in air-conditioning appliances with portable speakers numerous factors such as surface area, height, materials of walls and ceiling, outside temperature, orientation or glazed surface. In practice is used as indicative reference 100 negative kilocalories/m for normal outdoor environment, 150 for warm atmosphere and 200 for very warm atmosphere. That is, for a room of 3 4 m (12 m) would require a cooling capacity of 1,200 negative kilocalories for normal outdoor environment, 1,800 to warm atmosphere and 2,400 for very warm atmosphere.