While there are sins spread over the unfortunate episodes that unfolded over the last one hundred days, common sense indicates that most fits to whom responsibility in the search for reconciliation is to the highest national authorities. The recent shipment to the Congress by the national executive power, a project to make it in the legislative field where determination the question of withholding to the field schema is, as already noted, a positive step, despite the extremely late. But if that attitude is not accompanied by an official gesture of greatness, to leave behind the aggressions to sectors of society using even public funds as Government propaganda, it will have no. Love the country must be, first and foremost, leave the pride of a Pyrrhic victory and avoid division between brothers. The greatness will reside in recognize errors, in knowledge transfer in pursuit of inner peace and the national union, and leaving aside any speculative calculation to accumulate power, as ventilate the existence of coup leaders where there.

I of expect it to return calm, tranquillity to that country that has faced its last decades serious social, economic and political crisis. We are confident that you should give an agreement between the parties in dispute and begin the task of recovery that the President has promised a people that has not passed it well lately. In this respect there is a commentary by an Argentine citizen who points out, fear of the Kirchner is justified in their attitudes passes since they participated or at least supported actively and with in 4 events massively known weapons that destabilize any Government, even the Government elected in 1973 and deposed in March of 1976, to which today say defend and that usurped you the symbols: a. 20 June 73, Ezeiza: clashed with weapons with Union groups (today friends according to the turns of life) by pulling shots of all kinds over the heads of people who looked helpless and astonished, when the only thing that had gone to do was to welcome which they considered his representative (Peron). b.

September of 73: assassinated a leader Trade Union (Rucci) closely related to the President (Peron). c. January 1974, with President Peron: supported armed groups who took the blue base with the murder of several young soldiers for 20 years. d. 01 May 1974: these leaders to whom no one had voted claimed with pride and impositions to the elected President (J D Peron), then young awnless or destabilizing? rebels were declared and proclaimed the struggle underground. The elected President (J D Peron) which today claim to defend. What sought the leadership of these groups, the most – today – with us?, only the inheritance of power. That ambition cost delivered life of many adolescents and young people who trusted them and their ideals. But the ideals were only ambition of power and meanness?. As a young teenager of that era and with memory transmitted to the ciiber (free space, without frontiers and without JAWS), I answer with the image of the view history with both eyes, you can resort to the documents of the time to verify these opinions. Original author and source of the article.