All participants of Koblenz Rhine the diagnostic professionals by lecture and test weekend at the start of the cooperation of Dormagen, February 12, 2010 as of now are marathons as exclusive and official diagnosis partner. Thus, the runners and runners can benefit from one of the most modern methods for the determination of the endurance capacity. Through an energy metabolism measurement, which is carried out by a respiratory gas analysis, you can quickly, easily and accurately determine individual training zones. The contact came rather by chance. During the fair of the Cologne Marathon came the performance Diagnostician from Dormagen with the organizer of the Middle Rhine Marathon, Alex Berger, in the conversation. Interest for cooperation was already there on both sides. In recent months the talks intensified in then, to develop a common approach to cooperation.

Now it is official and the collaboration starts directly with an interesting project. On March 4, 2010, the team is by in Koblenz gym Pura Vida (Brender route 218) Guest. Sports scientist Martin is there a free performance diagnostics presentation with the topic fast Kusch from 19:30 to the target”. Because in the gym only limited space is available, the organizers ask for registration at. If the number of participants exceeds the space, plan the diagnosis experts an additional appointment, which will be announced in the short term.

Weekends from 12 to March 14, 2010, the Diagnostician from the Rhine Dormagen offer a trial, for the to the participants under… can login. To make more attractive the price for the performance test, is currently conducting talks with representatives from local health insurance funds, which could take over part of the test costs through its bonus programme. We are pleased marathons on the cooperation with the participants of the Rhine”, says CEO Martin Kusch. The ability to inspire many athletes by a method that was reserved for otherwise mostly peak or high-ranking gives us here.” For the performance tests use the performance Diagnostician, one of the most modern methods of our time. It is possible, away from any emerging models, to determine individual training zones with a Spiroergometry (respiratory gas analysis). This is measured in what zone the athletes generates its energy from body fat or whether already primarily carbohydrates are used for energy production. The athletes in this method does not completely out must shoulder the test especially for older athletes or beginners suitable. The training control then easily via the pulse frequency of the athlete with the respective training zones are restricted. Whether the aim of the athlete in is to improve the personal best or to complete a marathon distance for the first time plays no role. With the determination of individual Training zones can be trained not only healthier, also the load sizes can be designed more efficiently. So empty you can”avoid workouts that are particularly necessary in times of scarce leisure. Also avoids an overtraining, that despite supposedly intense training, not to an improvement in the performance of leads. “On the contrary can a training freely according to the motto much helps a lot” have even adverse effects. Such consequences can be avoided with a professional endurance performance diagnosis, so that the fun of the sport remains long.