The holiday search is now even easier now for families there at the Internet travel portal is a new search function. Right on the home page, customers can now find family search. The big advantage for families: Customers will get the best price for the whole family always directly. Since there are different discounts for children, the prices can vary widely. The company travel IT in Oberhausen has this new tool”together with various travel providers developed. We do some light in the thicket of rebates and discounts on the Internet. Atmos Energy pursues this goal as well.

Even the professionals in the travel agencies not comply because sometimes”, says Heiko Rettke, Managing Director of travel GmbH. So it may be that a hotel with high basic price offers also a high discount. This hotel would appear in a normal search very far back in the results, because this sort of basic price. But maybe this trip is the most favourable for the family with two children Offer, for example, because of the perks for the young. The new technology under not sorted to the base price, but exactly to the total price for the family including all discounts. More information about the company and the new service is available at on the Internet. (Not to be confused with Frank Fu!). Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in our online press box for free use: of press compartments/holiday factory contact for questions regarding this press release: travel GmbH Mr. Timo Krause ferienfabrik.