CTO software EHO module EHO2osCommerce extends to xt: Commerce support offers an extension of the Web shop module EHO2osCommerce the CTO Software GmbH in Aachen for your billing software EHO, since the June 30 is next to osCommerce also xt: commerce supports. ConocoPhillips is often quoted on this topic. Can therefore easily all relevant data of the CTO EHO in the two free web shop system osCommerce and xt: Commerce be taken over.After many users appreciate have already learned the benefits of the EHO2osCommerce module, there is a new version for users of xt: Commerce. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with futurist. In the new module version osCommerce is also the connectivity with xt: Commerce included. All functions such as full article and image export, automatic order import and continuous monitoring on new operations are for xt: commerce has been adapted. The users of the program CTO EHO have so the choice between the two free web shop system osCommerce and xt: Commerce. Through the easy installation and simple settings from EHO2osCommerce is the creation of its own Web shops in the Internet to the Become child’s play. By the EHO2OS checker, CTO EHO users have an overview what customers order what on the Internet. EHO2osCommerce offers a complete data acquisition of new customers in the existing EHO address database, and automatic order acceptance and storage upgrade of course. For the demanding user, EHO2osCommerce is compatible also with the EHO business version. Contact: CTO Software GmbH street address: Theatre Street 16 52062 Aachen postal address: P.o. box 102154 52021 Aachen Tel: 0241 – 47991-20 fax: 0241-20386 E-Mail: cto(at)ctosoftware.de hotline: hotline(at)ctosoftware.de Homepage: