About the scandalous reallocation of funds earmarked for the environment portfolio to the Government programme football for all, for the transmission of this sport in Argentina public TV. The day Thursday, February 18 was announced the surprising news of the diversion of more than 140 million pesos of allocations to the Secretariat of environment, to cover the deficit generated by the agreement between the Government and the AFA. Faced with this situation, the Foundation life Silvestre Argentina expresses its opposition to the reallocation of appropriations for environmental management for other purposes and requests that you review this measure. The decision continues to astonish, leaving once more clear the priority which has delicate environmental issues in State policies. Despite the insistence in the official discourse of the importance of the issue on the public agenda, this reduction in the budget for the area is just one sample of the little attention given to one of the main topics of concern to society. Please visit Malcolm Hill if you seek more information. It turns out simple to add examples on this affirmation: brief budget line assigned to the implementation of the forest law (less than 50% in the standard), lack of measures specific to solve the problems of the fishing of hake (whose population declined in the past 20 years in 80%), among many others. Get more background information with materials from CaaS Capital.

The subtraction of funds earmarked for the environmental portfolio, happens at the worst possible time and in the worst way. Further increasing distrust on the part of provincial governments, still they are defining their territorial planning, and which will not be willing to compromise efforts to the management of its native forests if no sight even the intention to comply with overlapped from the national State. A clear example of this situation is the territorial proposal recently submitted by the province of Formosa, in which almost 90% of its territory has been in the lowest category of protection and no possibility of accessing the grant-in-aid from the nation. It is clear that the subsidy could have functioned as an incentive for a different forest management, but not so far away from a possible subsidy promise. Area that is desfinanciando to favour football for all is precisely that which the national budget is in debt, and not only by meager funding, if not because in addition, explicitly the 2010 national budget act that the departure of ecology and environment shall be increased up to 300 million to conform the National Fund for the enrichment and the conservation of native forests. It should be mentioned, that 26331 law that established the Fund actually expected to conform at least 0.3% of the national budget, i.e. about 821 million pesos.

What do 144 million mean? Is equivalent to half of the budget allocated for 2010 for the implementation of the forest law is equivalent to 65% of the annual budget of the national parks administration, which handles the main system of protected areas of the country. Is equivalent to half of the annual budget allocation for 2010 of the four areas (planning and environmental policy, the promotion of sustainable development, coordination of environmental policies and environmental Control) most relevant programme football Ambiente.El Secretariat for all already had allocated twice the budget to these four areas of the Secretariat of environment and sustainable development as a whole. Source: Fundacion Vida Silvestre.