Overtraining is a syndrome that is often under or overestimated. The following lines are to clarify what is meant by ‘over-training’ on how it arises and what the typical features it possesses. What is overtraining at all Overtraining is a state of fatigue are eliminated by normal recovery is not possible. It occurs when the body has been overloaded and training are exposed to stimuli that require a longer time to recover, but do not get it. In the advanced course of the immune and central nervous system (CNS) is disrupted so strong that it comes to breakdowns, depression and hormonal changes. The threshold between hard and strain is very low, trying with every bodybuilding training adaptation (adaptation) to the training stimuli to achieve and to enforce the follow in muscle growth. Often there are signs of fatigue after hard training sessions which should not be confused with over-training, but the body between the units do not get hardsufficient recovery time he comes increasingly overload resulting from what one can overtraining. How the body signals an Initiate of overtraining In training there is Leistungungsabfall, training, pain and strength stagnation. The resting heart rate can rise in morning on the normal, one is irritated and often ill, a weight loss and anorexia can also occur. What to do about overtraining If you erstmal in overtraining, you should act immediately to consider the suspension of training for at least 1 weeks is as important as reducing the everyday stress and strains. Sufficient sleep, rest and distraction of factors which should be taken into account in conjunction with training, it is ever more congestion is detected, the faster the body recovers. In order not to get into overtraining switching between loading and discharge is important, you can durchalten not a big volume (GVT as example) for a long time, and special intensive techniques are not for a long training periodpredestined. Enough sleep, conscious, in a balanced and proper diet and does not bend too frequent practice to charge rather rarely and intense!