Samanta systems now also direct debit in Austria offers badges and Sofortuberweisung the payment options available in the online shop of nameplates systems Siedenburg, manufacturer and importer of name badges, badge covers and table nametags, were extended to allow for the direct debit in Austria and Sofortuberweiseung. After so far for customers the payment invoice, PayPal, in advance and in Germany also debit were possible, were now extended to give the opportunity to the customers in Austria, quick and easy name badges for the staff to acquire the payment options include direct debit for Austrian customers and Sofortuberweisung. Direct debit is a convenient way for the customer: simply indicate the bank account details, payment systems Siedenburg directly from the account is then debited from nameplates. Sofortuberweisung goes a step further: this system runs the customer, account data and amount are automatically sent, the customer has only nor his enter PIN and TAN, and made the payment on our account. Sofortuberweisung has the advantage, that payment is fast and the delivery of the badges can be used. In customer account, customers then have the opportunity, after ordering name badges order status to check whether the task is edited, shipping etc. Nametags systems Siedenburg is specialized for more than 10 years on the production and distribution of name tags.

In this area among nameplates systems Samanta in Germany the leading companies and several 1000 supplies end customers and resellers in Germany and Europe regularly with nametags. Samanta in Germany emerged systems badges from the Quckbutton advertising GmbH, which went over systems Samanta in the nameplates in 1999 and since then has been under the same leadership. There are partnerships with companies throughout Europe. Nametags systems Siedenburg maintains an own production with printing, engraving and CNC in the home as well as its own import Department, to respond quickly and easily to the customer’s wishes. A large camp exists to provide standard article within a week. The production of buttons and the sale of machines for the production of this as well as lanyards complete the delivery range.