Optimization of the exhaust of serial internal combustion engines provides the conception of each motor vehicle, combustion gases mean also an exhaust for the above arising in the operation. Serial exhaust systems are designed so that they are inexpensive in production, dampen the sound and then away lead the exhaust from the engine. Usually this is done by using several components, devices for exhaust detoxification or for the reduction of pollution are integrated here. From back to front, arranged here tailpipes, Auspuffendtopf, muffler, catalytic converter, hose pipe and exhaust manifold. None of these components really designed with the exhaust on a maximum power delivery, but just on a possible low-emission, quiet and serviceable action. That leaves much room for a tuning, or a possible performance maximization, very exclusive small sports car series with high-performance engines have realized already conceptually an exhaust tuning. For all other A real option to the performance gain series vehicles, here. We are now starting on the motor itself, the exhaust manifold directs the exhaust gases to the hose pipe, the laid back way of the exhaust gas for each cylinder is vary in length and equipped with almost right-angled bends, here called manifold used in the tuning, which replace often also the hose pipe.

Such a manifold has less sharp curves in the pipe bends and optimizes the process in the exhaust in terms as far as possible identical lengths of exhaust lines, gas currents meet in sharper angles and thus provide less turbulence of the gases in the exhaust. Catalysts and their oxygen sensors are legislation and are therefore excluded in the tuning. Serial silencers are reasons the construction costs also typically not optimized. There are Austauskomponenten for the exhaust, which is less are disabling for the exhaust gas flow, but do not exceed the prescribed maximum noise levels. This is done by anders dimensioned components and a modified design of the exhaust silencer. The same applies for any muffler, whose function is preserved, but the more streamlined exhaust flow ensures a faster and friction-free disposal of harmful gases. 4cylinder engines usually have a pipe for the exhaust to the rear, whose cross section can be modified by the way also. V or Boxer motors have both ends an exhaust, this can be merged under the vehicle in a combination, or two tracks until the rear of the vehicle. Also here it applies to the tuning of the exhaust, kink-free way to give the gas flow.