Expect a too great happiness is an obstacle to Bernard de Fontenelle know happiness. that our transit through this dimension according to the time which has been granted us in pro of the opportunity of life that has bequeathed to us, is uncertain, while unfortunately we do not handle, but if you live with optimism, with joy, enjoy it intensively in all the roles we play. We can not let us catch the pessimism, by all those things that affect us in our emotions, feelings, damage our energy that we have been given and that incumbent upon us to know how to manage it. We must seize every minute, hour, day, years, which allows us to be. It must know how to appreciate the positive things in life, avoid being trapped by negative thoughts, pessimism, more that the tests that we have to face are difficult, evidence that we must know to pass, without complaints, the negative affect us. Caroline Mys on this topic indicates that it is impossible to be wise and pessimistic at the same time.

But we must cultivate optimism consciously. Wisdom is born of the effort said Buddha, and disappears by the lack of effort. We have to choose the best of difficult situations that we touch live and trust that there is always some underlying reason that escapes our understanding. This is the wisdom of accepting things as they are. We develop this faculty through life learning. unmensajeparati.WordPress.com gives us some suggestions to be taken into account in order to achieve that optimism needed to enjoy life while they give us the opportunity to be: * don’t complain about anything, if that bothers you have solution to fix it, but olvidalo.* not try to win the sympathy of the people, or draw your attention making you the victim or the incredulo.* you’re able to change any situation.