We’ve succeeded. After much work we have created a very effective, seductive and popular site. Now what is missing is that customers contact us and just let’s see how is the best strategy to ensure that we always be available. Phone. Be sure to have a contact telephone number. Many people still don’t feel entirely comfortable by sending data through a form, and considered by phone is how best can clear their doubts. Do not put a cell phone, many times is difficult to contact a mobile, especially if it aspires to be contacted by customers from other countries Mobile Messaging.

Include one or two ways to contact via chat, Skype for example is an excellent solution, because whoever has account may also call him by phone-, and msn make sure that your contact form is working properly. Try it from multiple browsers to make sure it look properly aligned. Unless it deems it essential, do not include captcha, or at least not of high difficulty. If your site is a WordPress, there are excellent plug ins that allow you to insert a contact page, and work virtually alone once they are configured. . If your form works with php, make sure that your server is compatible with this technology and properly configure the files on the server to ensure that messages reach you without problems. Some sites offer service contact forms, by a monthly or free credit up to a certain amount of contacts. This may be an option when it is not possible to properly configure a contact form on our own site.

Include a link that invite users to chat with an expert. It is a great way to be available to time full and completely receptive to their prospects for sales inquiries. Do not let your social networks without attention. If you have created corporate accounts, be sure to always be aware when they send you a message. In many portals you can configure an alert by email that alerts you when someone send him an email. Invite visitors to follow him on the social networks where you participate, adding buttons on your site, for example, follow us on Twitter, or become a fan of our Facebook page. Well employed social networks are a formidable channel of contact with clients and potential clients. Take contact with customers as a regular or routine task of your company. If you yourself can not to engage, delegated the task, but be sure that someone is always pending messages from users.