Factoring medium-sized businesses in the modern economy the factoring is medium-sized businesses today no longer imagine out of the economy. The financial instrument is becoming more and more gaining importance. It is indeed proven that factoring SME liquidity significantly can be improved by a company through this directly. Here, a whole simple approach underlies the factoring principle. Namely, a company sells all his money demands of commodities and services in the so-called factor. In the context of factoring, middle class receives that take an immediate liquidity, because usually a company gets 80 percent of the respective invoice amount on the bank account, now.

If the customer fully paid the invoice, but no later than 150 days after the invoice is due, the company receives the remaining 20 percent. In this case regardless of whether the customer has paid now or it does not. The factoring middle class is the ideal and most effective protection against bad debts. A company is spared by the factoring principle ultimately by 100 percent. Specialists for the accounts receivable management offer the factoring principle.

They also constantly monitor the creditworthiness of their clients. Increasingly popular, owing to the double benefits, namely in relation to liquidity and safety get this. Of course these providers not get nothing for their services. The cost of factoring usually only within the framework of the respective discount yield move depending on the volume of sales, as well as the desired services. Includes the services of a factor that it undergoes the potential new customers of one of its customers already in the acquisition phase of a credit check. This means the customer of the factors a first limit commitment receives before the first delivery to these.