8 tips & tricks as it can reduce its telephone costs so that the Bill does not become a nuisance: 8 useful tips are presented here, as you can as cheap international calls. The tips are easy to understand, and can be implemented without fuss. Helpline: The continuing connection costs extra. The call even at reputable phone information can be really expensive, especially when you next connect to the caller. Tip: if possible, write down the phone number, and select yourself. VoIP use VoIP, or Voice over IP means calling over the IP Protocol, short on the Internet. Phone calls over the Internet are cheaper, because often no normal landline more is required and the telephone basic charge therefore falls away. Use as a complete package in conjunction with an Internet flat rate is useful and advisable, because the PBX / router with the Internet constantly must be connected.

Tip: Check on the Internet at online-Verglleichsportalen Complete packages for DSL and VoiP. , Also with double Flatrate (DSL and VoiP) there are complete packages already under 30 / month. 0180 service numbers sent to: service hotline can be reached anymore with normal phone codes. Usually a 0180 prefix is switched, which often costs 14 c / min. Usually there is no escape from the phone costs, you would like to receive the desired information there.

Tip: There is but one way to press. The solution is called Corpris 0180info. It is a database program that is installed on a mobile phone, but basically is intended for landline calls. At present approximately 2600 nationwide entries are listed in the database. More Corpris 0180info 0900 numbers blocking: the so-called premium-service hotlines or value-added services are unfortunately all too often companies abused running only inferior information or even band announcements. Like to appear also doubtful gain promises of such a number. Just older People who do not understand these tricks, fall in the expectation of a high money profit it.