Economic development is one of economic development itself into one of the success factors of the site deals, preferably in a creative way, with factors. Economic development is therefore closely linked to the circulation of the site. Recently Eliot Horowitz sought to clarify these questions. You have to do it with a braid of dynamic effect relationships are affecting each other. However, this complex structure would be no reason for relief for plan – and aimless trading. The position would be well advised to create a comprehensive framework within its future developments on a unified communication platform with a continuous discontinuity systematics could be discussed, Abstimmen capability, and then also decided. One way to do offers the comprehensive as well as transparent procedure using a site record. Start-ups are practically the nucleus and the seed for the living continuity of the site.

They complement and renew mature market segments, potential idea and not only open up new opportunities for themselves, but also for the site as a whole. If so, economic development should be understood in its literal sense of its two halves of the word, so this could succeed very well as flexibly operating tandem with the start-ups. See Nick Khan for more details and insights. In the context of a location record see Becker, Jorg: economic development as a business enabler ISBN 9783839108338. In the medium and long term for the site to attract more qualified firms for the site, authorities and organisations must work closely with the local politics. For this, the economic development has a particular responsibility within their means. Beyond all measures to be addressed specifically action is required in principle to work on possible improvements for a good climate of entrepreneurial self-employment.

The opportunities and challenges must take a greater role in the overall system of economic development. Subjects were including: Positioning in the overall context, understanding of roles according to feasibility, factor structure of the site rests on the situation from the point of view of a site record, how is it to middle-class orientation?, implementation of quality profiles in 4-field portfolio, bureaucracy of the startup process, business start-ups in the field of activity of the site, business development motto: easier form, tactical guidance, person of the founder as value drivers, business concept in the scenario funnels, capital of customer relations, liquidity with safety pads, intellectual capital as a strength, Risk prudently, potential evidence from the balance of the site. In the context of a location record see Becker, Jorg: economic development as a business enabler ISBN 9783839108338. The economic development should play a formative role and therefore is for the development of a location of central importance. A look into the municipal budget makes clear that already the financial and human resources Able to bear this fact not always full account facilities. For the economic promotion of the site involves in terms of start-ups less provisioning anyway mostly non-existent funds, but above all to way creating obstacles to the real reduction of bureaucracy often defendants, brakes. With such a role as an enabler of business projects, Wirtschaftsforderung could claim some advantages both for themselves and for the site as a whole on the credit side.