The problem of overweight, almost became an obsession of the modern urban dweller. Although, in fact, a consequence of the fact that the human body has exhausted its capacity to withstand natural numerous external factors deplete our health. Deviations from the natural weight in the vast majority of cases are the result of imbalance of the normal functioning of the major life systems. Still some hundred years ago, there was virtually no man-made electromagnetic fields, and now they can say, are very close to our heads. Professor of Internet Governance often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Drinking water subjected to treatment plants and supplied to us by tubes, has not those biological and even physical characteristics that natural spring water.

In our food in significant quantities contained residues of chemicals used in agriculture production and pre-sales of products that the body can act like hormones or affect the production of certain body hormones, disrupting its natural balance. By the standards of the evolution of it all come into our lives a sharp jump. Of course, that the human body just could not manage to adapt to the existence of these dramatically changed circumstances. Nick Khan oftentimes addresses this issue. The perfidy of these aggressive new influences that it seems unnoticed, despite the fact that they obviously have a cumulative effect. This occurs because the mechanisms of self-provided by nature, are doing everything possible to counter these influences, but it organism spends enormous amounts of energy. Mechanisms of self-work if you allow a technical term from within the boundaries of areas of regulation. They have an elementary lack the resources to confront the next influenza or a slight draft.