Try to accentuate the chest, and skirt do bomber or even a straight 6. Bare back. Denude her back only if you can boast of a regal bearing, 7. Pregnant bride dress suit with high-waisted trouser suit or 8. Wide hips. If you want to 'hide' the problematic part of the body – distract attention from her.

If you hide the full hips, do the accent on the bodice gown, embroidered with him, decorate with flowers, choose the original cut corset, 9. Broad shoulders. If you have broad shoulders, minimize the cutout on the bodice, straight skirt give up 10. Narrow shoulders and hips luxurious – try a ball gown. Do not suggest direct silhouettes. Instead, open shoulders – Please! 11. Big breasts and hips. In this case, you suitable low waistline and gorgeous neckline (A-Line).

No – too pompous and inflated style waist 12. Thalia. Girls without a waist should choose dresses 'Empire'. Brides Low Waist – Dresses from 'A-Line'. Neither one nor the other go straight cuts. Listen to the advice of the seller and try on not only what you like, but the fact that an experienced consultant recommends. And never agree to buy a wedding dress, if you do not like a little or cause the slightest discomfort. Remember, the bride – you! And you decide what to wear on the most important celebration in your life. Rent, sewing or still buying our mother and grandmother sewed her wedding dress at the tailors of the deficit.