Many parents are constantly afraid of age-related crises in children, "seasoned" parents tell us how difficult and unruly children are in these periods. But as they say, devil is not so bad as he is painted. What is crisis of three years. Is it worth it really so afraid of? How to behave and how to help a kid in a complex, and for him time. Every child is unique and we should not think that once he turns 3 years, there will come the same notorious crisis of three years. Every child he comes at different times, in some 2 – 2.5, while others may be in 4 years.

Just going to the turn three years old, need to prepare for what will soon happen. So, why is a crisis? As is well known mental development of children, as well as any of us, is not uniform, but cyclical. Until three years the child is not aware of himself as a separate identity, an understanding of this comes to him just three years. He identifies his "self" and, of course, wants to do everything himself. The child becomes aware of itself person – a single and unique. Many parents simply cease to recognize their sweet little angels. Toddlers begin to contradict, there is a desire to do everything independently, even that which he can not. There sits a crumb, and the third hour of tying the string, and all your attempts to help you hear just nervous, "No, I do." Of course, we often inconvenient independence of our kids.