Buying a wedding dress – safe and pleasant thing. To make sure your choice has been successful, you need to pay attention to some points. By following our recommendations, you pick exactly the dress that will feel like a queen in this unforgettable day. First, imagine a general style of her wedding dress. And since the recent order bride is not always associated with white, good and would determine the color.

And what the colors may be your wedding dress, it must allocate among your guests, that is to be exclusive. If you are going to get married after the wedding, should make sure that you have not experienced discomfort in the church because of too bare shoulders or neckline. You will have to choose a wedding dress or a private outfit to add a cape, a bolero or a cape. Ask advertising leaflets and directories of wedding salons, ask about They and their friends make a list of salons that are going to visit. It is worth beforehand to find out what Pre or seasonal promotions and discounts are planned in the foreseeable future in these salons. If you lucky, you can buy high quality clothes at very affordable price. Obzvanivaya salons, be sure to ask, are charged a fee for trying on.

There will be a shame if your ignorance will lead to sensitive situations, and ruin your pre-holiday mood. Wedding – one of the most important events, so buying a wedding dress is worth it to devote at least a whole day. Plan in advance and is not distracted to any other cause. If in the process of selecting a style of wedding dress you like any models from fashion magazines, directories, lock them in the campaign for a wedding salons. You may have found the right style dress Internet – try to make a printout or sketch. The consultant will pick up any interior you wedding dress is much faster if it is to imagine exactly what you want. To determine the length of skirts, try on a dress should be in the shoes. Best in those in which you will be at the wedding. If the shoes have not yet purchased – take all for trying, heel which approximately the height, what do you plan for your wedding shoes. To a wedding salon you are not asked to remove makeup, go shopping with a minimum of makeup on her face. After all, you will be put on and take off a lot of dresses, often very expensive. It is not necessary to wipe them their lipstick or powder. Trying on a wedding dress, evaluate not only the look, make sure the outfit does not constrains movements – walk, lift arms out of it at the mirror, take a few dance moves. In no If not guided solely to the entreaties of sellers: "You have to face so this dress! And do it for you not to "pops." In addition, all brides lose weight before the wedding. " If the dress is not your size, or you are not comfortable in it – do not jump to purchase. Choose a wedding dress is best with a "personal adviser" – a relative or close friend that has the ability to taste and dress. Your companion will be able to consider you to try on clothes from all sides objectively evaluate and give advice. If you're in a wedding dress like you own "personal advisor", and your reflection in the mirror do you like this dress – YOU.