By: Pavlusha Luyando Joo luyandojoo Lima-Peru On Saturday 1 and 2 August 2009, was held at the Bolivarian University of Medellin, Colombia, the First International Congress for the Defense of Life. The presentations were made by important personalities Pro-life in Colombia and Latin America. Congress delegations from Peru, Mexico, Chile, Panama, the U.S. and Ecuador, many of which were 4 days before, in training courses organized by the Catholic Association Lumen Dei. This conference marks a milestone in Latin America, as all pro-life groups present agreed to join forces to defend the wonderful gift that is life, at all levels. One of the highlights of the Congress was, when aborted women gave their testimonies to the deep pain that abortion had left them, as well as the testimony of women who had given up on abortion after having received the support of the CAM (Center for Assistance to Women). Interestingly, among the pro-life groups had characters intellectuals, housewives, politicians, lawyers, professionals, musicians and especially many young students, many of which are the poles that bore the motto: Defend Life. Clearly for pro-life groups, which must be put to work and especially to guide and inform the younger generation and people who know the terrible reality of abortion.Also, to create awareness among parents, and that preventive strategies should be born in the family, as a preventive strategy to avoid tragedies like that of undermining humnana life, not yet born. All of us turn to make the great battle of information from which we prepare ourselves and especially with solid arguments to defend life paa.