Family Health. The Specialized Care Family Health is merely the combined capacity of the members of the same to achieve good performance and adaptation to a changing social environment and their own family, in fulfilling its core functions, while it fosters individual growth and development according to the requirements of each stage of life. In this sense it is important to note as in the municipality was 161 with 4 thousand disabled people, representing 1.5 percent of the population of the city and 839 belong to the National Association of Blind and visually impaired (ANCI), 87 the Deaf (ANSOC), two thousand 60 to the engines of limited physical (ACLIFIM) and 387 mild mental retardation.These people with special needs are served by a Government Commission, composed of several agencies such as Transport, Health, Education, Sport and Recreation Institute (INDER), Housing, Ministry of Light Industry, Construction and Commerce, among others, so they can receive great benefits and that somehow they can integrate into society. Of these, only 328 welfare recipients, because the rest work in workshops, own associations to which they belong. The Provincial Labor and Social Security gives them special treatment by guaranteeing employment to those who can do it, according to their capabilities. So far jobs have current 14 members of the ANCI, the ANSOC 21, 12 of the ACLIFIM and 210 with mental retardation.Generally the company is working towards raising the quality of life of these people with special needs, have removed some architectural barriers in the city, gives priority through its license in health facilities, Commerce, Housing and Transportation.