Workshops to disseminate the available technology appropriate technology with great potential in Bolivia, but little dissemination, disclosure and dissemination, the best way to begin is through workshops. The aim of these workshops is to train people in the design, installation, and project proposal for the dissemination of biogas digesters. The workshops are raised intensively with a duration of four days. The first day covers the biological concepts that govern the natural system, are given the keys and parameters for their design according to the objective of the digester (biogas generation, production of fertilizer or organic waste management for environmental criteria). Besides inviting people with experience in biogas projects Fermenters, fertilizer management, etc.. to share their experiences with attendees.The second day is the most interesting since the participants moved to a rural community close to the installation of a digester. Previously the family has already built the home where they hold the fermenter. During a morning working with participants and family in the installation step by step, from the fermenter. This day serves as a practical lesson to the workshop, not only in technology but also in training the family in its construction, operation and maintenance. And the third day classes are given on the implementation of projects, their identification, planning, budgeting and method of dissemination and implementation. In the afternoon, in a panel discussion among all participants, it raises the financing options and sustainability of this technology in the medium term in Bolivia. Besides performing a national mapping of the first projects to coordinate the institutions participating in the workshop.From these workshops, several institutions that decide to incorporate the family of low-cost biogas digesters in rural development programs. It is important to initially subsidize the technology.