If God had a wallet would take its photo in it as we place in our wallets the photo of the person that we love. It orders flowers to it in all spring; It orders the sunrise to it to each morning; At any time that you to want to talk It listening; It can live in any place of the universe, but IT chose its heart to make housing. She will be that you and capable to understand how much God LOVES to it, my friend (a). TRANSISTION PHRASE: ' ' It loves it to god as you are, but if she refuses it leaves it of this jeito' '. To the reason? simple! They exist ' ' pessoas' ' , between which many are Christians whom a concept of God has as if IT was Director; ' , that he is proper of the people who imagine the God as that one who is great excessively to import itself with them. However, opposing this concept that is total antagonistic to the love of God. Start make reference to reference fasto knowledge and love that God has stops with your life. The men can until not knowing the God.

However, God knows everything regarding the men Salmos 139:1. IT knows when you lie down and when you arise yourself Salmos 139 IT knows all your ways. Salmos 139:3 Until the amount of hair that you have in yours ' ' cabea' ' , God knows Mateus 10:29 – 31 You not and fruit of the theory of the evolution. I oppose for it, you were created by God according to image of it.Genesis 1:27 In God you live she moves and you, and she has existed Acts 17:28. For you to be generation of God! Acts 17:28 IT knew already you well before your conception Jeremias 1:4 – 5.