THE COMPANY AS ENTE The Company: A dedicated, organized production unit for operating a business. “The company is a social being, economic and legal composed of a group of people who have a common goal.” The substantial elements of a company are in the will, knowledge, trade, needs, market or plaza, information, records, money, creativity, custom and usage, advertising, supply and demand The law, price, consumption, information technology, jurisprudence and so on. They seek to create, streamline and combine market cooperativity new business structures, solidarity, support, help etc. that finding or building permit adequate means of access to transport to market new, constant or repeated knowledge, services, goods, money, help etc. to achieve the general welfare and living conditions without exceeding the regulatory powers that can give every fact or law. The company is a social entity, legal, economic, axiological, virtual, mobile, evolving over time in space, which is linked to the world through contractual relations, registration and information, also carries a motor integrative interrelated, intermediate, intelligent, capitalized, cooperative, supportive and helpful in their economies. Requires the presence of human behaviors in order to invigorate the market and display their products, services, capital that will generate the highest prestige, profitability and employment.It is attached to the political, social, economic, cultural, legal, computer, technological and natural and lives with under the general principles of law, economics, management, accounting and so on. SWOT ANALYSIS The SWOT analysis is a tool for strategic, to analyze internal and external elements of programs and projects. The SWOT is represented through an array of double entry, called SWOT matrix in which the horizontal level is discussed the positives and negatives. In the vertical reading analyzes the factors both internal and controllable by the program or project and external factors considered uncontrollable. Strengths are those internal and positive elements that differentiate the proposed program or other of the same class. Opportunities are those external situations, positive, which are generated in the environment and that once identified can be exploited. Weaknesses are internal problems, once identified and developed an appropriate strategy, can and should be removed. Threats are negative situations outside the program or project that might violate it, so come to the case, may be necessary to devise an appropriate strategy to avoid it.