The REISS Profile ® from the U.S. is used by the German handball team, Olympic champions from the United States, various Football League clubs and various German and international companies and thus becomes better known. It is complementary to other diagnostic or personality analysis used, or instead of these models as a new dimension to the analysis and evaluation over the whole personality is possible and is therefore in the psychology of an extremely high level of acceptance. “The statements about the personality to give me quite a lot of important information on how to deal with the individual players needs,” said Heiner Brand, the coach of the national handball team, or. “(It’s been interesting to learn which players are really for leadership positions.” The comprehensive scientific analysis of the intrinsic structure of human motive, the 16 living subjects) of the REISS Profile ® shows the expression of key performance parameters such as: * management * will * Camaraderie resilience and assertiveness *Pursuit of innovation and focus on implementation so that you will receive, among other things, the basis for decisions: * reliable * effective leadership personnel decisions (time and output) * * Effective employee communication optimal composition of teams and project an example from everyday life: sales staff and an often-seen behavior that a Client / in the march is: How often do we see that a store employee present to look among themselves, or go away when a customer enters. It is often the employees whom it is unpleasant to reach out to people who also are not secure enough in himself, because as you want to make any mistakes. ) Conducted a pre REISS Profile