Normally there is no problem at all to request a consumer credit or Accepted to. Depending on the bank, it only takes a few days and the loan amount is paid into the account of the borrower. What this is doing with the money then his business. The situation is different, however, if one has a negative Schufa are respectively a negative Schufa entry in the database. For every credit check banks and credit institutions, Schufa-take before answering – and should this occur, a negative entry, so the credit request is rejected. For Patients with negative credit that is anything but pleasant – especially if they can do nothing for the negative entry. Until recently, it was so that these people had no chance to get a personal loan or Accepted to be done, except from a personal loan. But, fortunately, has changed during the last years, because there are now offered by some banks, the people with negative credit reports without a credit Schufa can. These banks do not care what is in the Schufa database. Theypay attention to different criteria, such as on the level of indebtedness or the amount of household disposable income. A loan without Schufa today can be applied very easily. Most of these banks can be contacted through the Internet and did not even audition so you have to spot in a store. Schufafrei whether the loan is approved immediately, then get notified directly by email. Usually it takes only a few hours, was taken to the credit decision. Must or should be paying very fast, then there is also often an option of applying for Sofortkredit ohne Schufa, which is then immediately transferred to the account of the credit plate.