NEUSS, Germany, 02.08.2012 – Textkraft Spanish is the new King of writing for iPad. Infovole, Textkraft developers, have created an application that allows you to concentrate on the essential characteristics of the process of writing: writing, correcting, investigate and share. Offline dictionary is the standard bearer of the app. Textkraft has already been successful in other countries, for example in Germany, England, France and United States, where he was in the Top 10 Charts iPad and number one in the category of productivity. Textkraft offers an integrated working environment for professionals in the writing, as well as home users. Account with all the text navigation, selection, and editing tools that are missing from the iPad: A built-in dictionary, full access to Wikipedia and many other dictionaries available online, as well as spelling help that identifies the words as they are spoken. The magic button enu puts all signs diacritics suitable with a single keystroke.

The main features of Textkraft are:-has dynamic and sensitive text correction. No more searching or interruptions to write, thus allowing a writing flow. -The cursor keys outnumber traditional keyboards. 8 keys with 10 functions. -Selective marker of words, sentences, and paragraphs. -The functions undo, redo and history allow you to test different formulations.

-Change from uppercase to lowercase with just a keystroke. -Import and export with Dropbox, iCloud and share files. -Open documents from Microsoft Word (DOCX/DOC) with Word-2-Text app. -Full support on screen and Bluetooth keyboards. -Import text from Mac, Linux and Windows. -Sending of text as a file attachment, email, iMessage or messages on Twitter. -PDF export: send PDF as an attachment and save PDF files. -Printing with WYSIWYG preview dialog: accommodate the size of the text, paging and printing before you print settings. -Font style menu: change the font (10), (free) font size, Interline (3) and (6) color scheme. -Displays the font size to the pinch. -Parenthesis button: puts quotation marks, parentheses, marking punctuation and other combinations around a phrase. -Quick access to symbols that don’t appear on your keyboard for the iPad. -Search: Full text search with the search feature / replace SASR (Search and Smart Replace), with which the uppercase and lowercase letters are still. -Dictionary: Unknown words can be easily saved or deleted. -Detailed information of text, such as number of pages and file size. -The auto corrections can be deactivated. -Read mode prevents accidental key presses. -Key Av. delete and tab. -Full support for the Retina display. About Infovole Infovole develops the suite of word processors for the iPad consisting of Textkraft, Schreibkraft and Wortkraft. Textkraft specialist language includes built-in synonyms with appropriate extensions dictionary. Schreibkraft is the first multilingual word processor: knows 10 languages molded to specific countries without changing the settings. Wortkraft is the word processor easier, completely independent of the language, at the best price. Word-2-Text is an ideal companion for the mobile office that allows you to convert Microsoft Word to plain text files and open them in any app for editing. Infovole focuses on software development cross-platform, location as well as creative marketing for apps. Infovole was founded in 2010 and is based in Neuss, Germany. For more information and graphic material, please visit.