Today an interesting news flooded all the blogs and sites of the world technology: Apple bought Polar Rose. That is not know, Polar Rose is a company based in Scotland who works in facial recognition through software stop different devices. Apparently the Cupertino company would have bought it for no less than $29 billion. It is not yet confirmed by any of the parties, but not treated rumors that came out on either side, but strong sites related to business by ejemploTechCrunch. The things that develop the Polar Rose’s are quite interesting even though we have been already watching it some time (though not in operation). The most interesting of all is called Recognizr, as you can see in the picture that accompanies the post, what it will do is recognize a person’s face and relate it to all their social networks like Picassa, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

The company, which is located to the South of Scotland, has only 20 employees and made this technology to through the investigation along with two other universities. So far most successful who had created was an application that allowed tag automatically Facebook friends on Flickr that stopped developing when large companies began to want to license its technology. The amount of things that can be done through facial recognition are endless as the recognition of people through the operating system specific device and, from there, the modification to configuration and this is only an example. We know very well that if there is something that knows how to do is improve technologies that exist.