Payment for reaching this milestone corresponds to the start of clinical development of a compound derived from the program. SCYNEXIS and Merck initiated the program for the discovery and development of the fungicide in 2002 agent. SCYNEXIS contribution to this programme consists of medicinal chemistry, the chemistry of computing, the Bioanalytical and ADMET support. Merck is responsible for the development of compounds once approved as pre-clinical candidates. In accordance with the conditions of this collaboration, SCYNEXIS may receive payments for additional milestones, and even rights of royalty on sales worldwide of any product that is a result of the program at a rate that could reach two figures.

SCYNEXIS is satisfied for having achieved this important milestone clinical collaboration with our important partner in Merck, says Yves Ribeill, Ph.d., President and Chief Executive Officer of SCYNEXIS. This is the eleventh time in the ten year history of SCYNEXIS, a compound discovered by our research platform has reached the clinical phase. Without a doubt, this shows our enormous capacity. About SCYNEXIS SCYNEXIS is a company of first level in the discovery and development of medicines, which is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, N.C. SCYNEXIS aims to lead the delivery of lines of drugs that bring innovative solutions to its pharmaceutical partners. SCYNEXIS research teams integrate medicinal chemistry, advanced biological research, ADMET-PK, bioanalysis, chemical processes, manufacturing according to cGMP API, and employ powerful its proprietary technologies, such as software, HEOS r Software Suite and MEDCHEM-FACTORY r to place molecules inside the molecules candidates selection processes. The fully integrated SCYNEXIS research and development are made to measure for effectively projects of its clients from discovery to the clinical phase.