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All Directors of companies would like to believe that you can rely totally on their employees. They want people who have passed an interview and subsequent testing, to be completely honest. However, human nature makes that there are always a few people, that justify the existence of surveillance and control methods. For this reason, since long ago, companies have gone to systems, to ascertain that their employees comply fully with their schedules and that they wear just their functions responsibly. One of the problems with which many businesses have had to contend, has to do with counterfeit cards schedules or forms of assistance, resulting in the payment of a work that was never done. While traditional controls can be effective in the prevention of some dishonest tactics, can not detect many violations that are committed on a daily basis and that infringe on the equity of a company. As a result, many companies have opted to electronic methods, to monitor your employees. Initially they ceased to use the forms of assistance and watches ponchadores, and attendance clocks that worked with electronic cards were implanted.

With these devices several things were achieved as a better and faster data processing, which was very helpful when it comes to settle payments, since the accounts are made by the system software. However, it was still possible that your cards should be provided between workers. To ensure that people only give account of themselves, biometrics provided the most successful solution. With biometric systems are analyzed, which are unique to each person and qualities that cannot be transferred to others. These qualities include fingerprints, iris, retinal and voice. There are currently controls access and assistance by biometrics, which help increase safety and to see closely the activities of the staff of a company. Biometric clocks have come to be very helpful for staff accounting of any company. Thanks to them the preparation of schedules and attendance reports is much easier and a company’s employees have no way of committing any irregularities. In addition, biometric systems have also collaborated to increase the levels of security, so that goods, facilities and staff of a company can be better protected.

Mobile Messaging

We’ve succeeded. After much work we have created a very effective, seductive and popular site. Now what is missing is that customers contact us and just let’s see how is the best strategy to ensure that we always be available. Phone. Be sure to have a contact telephone number. Many people still don’t feel entirely comfortable by sending data through a form, and considered by phone is how best can clear their doubts. Do not put a cell phone, many times is difficult to contact a mobile, especially if it aspires to be contacted by customers from other countries Mobile Messaging.

Include one or two ways to contact via chat, Skype for example is an excellent solution, because whoever has account may also call him by phone-, and msn make sure that your contact form is working properly. Try it from multiple browsers to make sure it look properly aligned. Unless it deems it essential, do not include captcha, or at least not of high difficulty. If your site is a WordPress, there are excellent plug ins that allow you to insert a contact page, and work virtually alone once they are configured. . If your form works with php, make sure that your server is compatible with this technology and properly configure the files on the server to ensure that messages reach you without problems. Some sites offer service contact forms, by a monthly or free credit up to a certain amount of contacts. This may be an option when it is not possible to properly configure a contact form on our own site.

Include a link that invite users to chat with an expert. It is a great way to be available to time full and completely receptive to their prospects for sales inquiries. Do not let your social networks without attention. If you have created corporate accounts, be sure to always be aware when they send you a message. In many portals you can configure an alert by email that alerts you when someone send him an email. Invite visitors to follow him on the social networks where you participate, adding buttons on your site, for example, follow us on Twitter, or become a fan of our Facebook page. Well employed social networks are a formidable channel of contact with clients and potential clients. Take contact with customers as a regular or routine task of your company. If you yourself can not to engage, delegated the task, but be sure that someone is always pending messages from users.


Do Hand can crusher is more structured in operation When you need a drink but you don t want to go out of your house, or you want your friends to come over and have some fun, what do you do? You would be glad to have some cans of beer at home or you would want to grab a few six-packs of soda from the nearest convenience store. After everything though, those aluminum cans might be too many to throw at all eleven to your garbage bin. With too many aluminum cans to dispose, there are times when your garbage bin would have no space to keep it all. But it will not overflow, thanks to the space conserved by crushing those aluminum cans with the use of automatic can crusher. On average, hand can crushers are more structured in operation, and leave less of a mess than foot operated can crushers. A few kinds of can crushers available are magnetic, hydraulic, as well as mechanical, and these all differ based on functionality; hydraulic ones are not water-dependent, do not make a lot of noise, and do not require adjustments.

The technological features sported by various models of cone crushers made by Nordberg translate into benefits in the form of easy maintenance due to ease of access to all changeable parts. Other benefits include less downtime due to its superior tramp ejecting capability, and very low maintenance costs due to the usage of upper labyrinth seals, bronze bushings, and the fact that most parts of each crusher are easily replaceable. These crushers are also very flexible in design. By merely changing a few key components you can change your crusher from the coarsest to the finest cavity. All these features translate into higher savings, lower downtime and faster delivery of your required raw material, thus increasing your profitability while enhancing your reputation at the same time. For your crushing requirements you require a company that not only makes tough and energy efficient crushing machines but also stands by to offer after sales service in case of any hiccup. A company that has a presence in many countries and cities should be preferred since they can reach out to you in the shortest possible time. Companies like Nordberg can ensure that their cone crushers perform better than your expectations, while the design and performance of these crushers offer ease of maintenance in case of any scheduled service or unwanted problem.

Many problems that would occur with a rock crusher can be prevented if employees are trained properly. Employees can be trained on one-to-one basis or through a group session. Group sessions are more advisable if a new technique or process have to be imparted to employees. Employee training program should be designed in such a manner that it keeps in mind each employee s needs and current skill status. Proper training of employees increases their morale, confident in operating the crusher, their efficiency to work and decreases employee turnover. Which in turn lead to better working machine and an increase in profit over the long run.Employee training is not a one time job rather it should be done periodically so that each person is well equipped with the correct and updated knowledge of operating and maintenance of the rock crusher.

Cat Hair Accessories

If you think your cat lost much hair or have an angora or a Persian and you think that this so suavecito lint could well you come from coat collars, this is your chance. It is true that with regard to articles on skin seen very much, from animal print patterns until covered with synthetic skin that just the controversy about the use of animals. Different detail I’ve noticed in some designers, is out of the classic and play with the textures to really simulate an animal look in the appearance of your garments, using details of skin. But I have found a proposal that is not only completely novel within the sector of accessories in leather design, if not also makes a side to the controversial use of animals for fashion. They are wallets and accessories made entirely with hair cat, obtained by shearing them, just as we would with a sheep. My own cats, Blanquito and Phoebe, one is hairy white and all the years we do it shave because it suffers a lot the gobs of hair that are raised in the summer, the case seems to me an excellent idea use their hair to make a very interesting complement and novdoso. Meanwhile Phoebe, grey and white, lustrous, color pewter inside, I think that your cat lanita would be beautiful on a capping.

Cat hair can be stained and combine, to form these splendid accessories that stand out on any set. Perhaps even in a future they could occur this way, pullovers, socks and hats. The bags are soft, beautiful and eccentric. Ideal for lovers of cats, take these portfolios is loaded with a minimum in the arms.

Miguelez Monroy Periodista

Animals non-rights holders and may not defend himself in the courts does not grant people unlimited rights on the nature or patent of corso to inflict unnecessary suffering. Some currents of neuroscience and psychology argue that the suffering is printed in the genes of the animals. If this were true, we could suffer consequences in health if we consume in excess products that come from animal suffering. The cruel death of animals is not only due to commercial interests. A few months ago, in Madrid, a political party expelled one of its members when it came to light a few images in which posed smiling with dead cats and bleeding, apedreados by him and a group of friends. Beyond of the anecdote, one might wonder about the moral dimension of a person who lacks empathy with living beings and have fun with their suffering.

Who does not care plants, its environment and animals, could really value human life? Much of the suffering of the animal species is caused by unsustainable development models that alter the natural habitats at speeds that prevent to the species adapt. Such is the case of the frog, the most threatened vertebrate animals of the world by deforestation, the disappearance of ponds where they live and by climate change. Or have also circulated by the world Power points with images of polar bears who see melt the little solid ground that is them. In the background lies a conception of life that places man against a hostile nature against which has to fight. After so many advances in science and technology, along with the demographic explosion of the last century, are a few places on the planet to conquer. Now that is celebrated the day of environment, should be repeated that it is not promoting an ecology that consider nature as an object outside of us when in reality we inhabit and we are all part of it. It’s an Ecosophy that future generations would appreciate.

Agency Industry

Shortly after this car we started to circulate the world met the tragic event of the twin towers in new york and apartir hence diverted world attention again to the Middle East and a war by the conquest of petroleum deposits covered by the fear of international terrorism. Never heard of these initiatives which buscaban replace the use of petroleum for automotive applications. The paper industry trembles before a legal cannabis at level global paper industry is a threat to the ecosystem. The digital age does not seem to put a brake to wide demand to have the role. Although there are now electronic books many choose to print them to read them with convenience, in schools already do not you dictate and is copied but they are commanded to students to print documents. Before enviabas a letter and was that a letter, now you send a fax and you are actually using paper twice. I have no statistics on this data but to my way of seeing things for paper demand grows as technology advances.

To produce paper must be felling forests and trees it takes too long to grow, to be its growth so slow, the contribution made to the environment these trees in the field of oxygen is very limited.Not only cannabis plant replaces the petroleum and its derivatives and some antidepressant drugs but that it is also much more efficient in the production of paper, because one hectare cultivated cannabis produces four times more paper than what you can produce one cultivated hectare in trees and in addition a single cannabis plant requires 110 days to complete their process of growth. Marijuana is easier to control that marijuana smoking to be a totally natural plant without addictive, does not represent a high risk of addiction as if represents it the tobacco that is additionally enhanced with mal intencionados commercials that make many without explicarsen as they end up buying with smoking cigarette. The tobacco industry also has their fears, in addition there is a large percentage of marijuana smokers that abhor cigarette for being so harmful and have reached a very high status in society. The alcohol industry afraid of marijuana as well as many marijuana consumers abhor cigarette also there are those who detest alcohol damage that this can cause. It is estimated that only in the UK die prematurely more than 90,000 people in the next year due to alcohol consumption. The alcohol industry fear that many choose to consume marijuana as an alternative to alcohol by being much more cheap and friendly to the Agency.