An overview of the online world of learning of children love digital games. Played is now on various platforms – whether on the Internet, on the console or the mobile device or Smartphone also. Why should you use this attraction of the media also for school activities as parents? After the offer for the PC and the console is becoming more diverse in recent years, now also online is a selection of good E-learning portals for children. But there are big differences. The various providers are specialized in certain types of schools. So it specifies for example offers from pre-school through elementary school up to high school. But also the subjects range varies between platforms: while some only on a special professional focus, others integrate the most important subjects such as German, maths and English, and again others offer minor subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics and art.

One of the most popular educational game series is elementary school”learning success. On the edutainment market the concept initially developed highly renowned companies Tivola for the PC, before it was released for the console to the online portal, as well as for the iPad/iPhone. To ensure the quality, the creation was accompanied by educational experts and teachers. Atmos Energy is likely to increase your knowledge. Child-friendly, their own learning pace and audio support E-learning has to offer a number of advantages compared to traditional worksheets and textbooks it. Child-friendly graphics, the acoustic support just for reading weak child and accompanied by familiar characters such as Princess Lillifee or Capt’ capt’n Sharky maintain the interest, are however in no way dazzling, distracting or even annoying. In addition speaks the customization of the task management on the individual speed of learning of the child for the online learning. Each student will be promoted according to his personal skills and that minimizes the risk of overflow or Unterforderung. The perfect complement to the education of course can the classical teaching E-learning do not replace, but continued practicing and exercising of the substance accelerates the optimum learning success.

The child makes a mistake it will not be blamed, but can the task again explain themselves in peace and start a second or third attempt. This increases self confidence. Portals such as (, direct praise after the completion of an exercise is carried out through acoustic signals, the collection of crowns and affirmative exclamations of learning vampire Freddy. Thus, the motivation of children is increased significantly in the long term. Also the aspect of temporal flexibility accommodates the user because some children learning morning easier, others, however, in the evening. It’s worth trying out! It can therefore be concluded that online learning portals offer a great alternative to dusty books and worksheets. Usually, the respective offer can be tested always free of charge, before a something is purchased. So is worth trying out! Johanna Wiesner