The Venezuelan President is usually launched strong attacks against other leaders. So he wins first flat and appears as someone who has no fear of anyone. However, it can also remove authority when accuses the German Democrat housekeeper come from nazi right to then retract and kissing her, constantly trompea or hugs with his Colombian counterpart. For the Bolivarian this shows courage and tactical but for many antichavistas this flexibility are exhibiting signs of emotional instability. The truth is that these apparent drafts show the essence of the socialism of the 21st century. It is on the one hand appease the dissatisfied social sectors with high-sounding and anti-imperialist positions, while on the other advantage of a radical rhetoric to press and develop their interests and the employers that accompany them. After the struggle around the computer of Kings is the clash between the strategy pro-FTA of Uribe and a protectionist cutting of Chavez and Correa. Original author and source of the article.. Here, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger expresses very clear opinions on the subject.